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Aucan took the decision to give away their new album for FREE on their new website: <>
click the link below to download the album and enjoy!




Since 2009 AUCAN has played more than 300 gigs throughout Europe, sharing the stage with some of today’s most influential international alternative artists: Placebo, Matmos, PVT, Asian Dub Foundation, Tricky, Antipop Consortium, Steve Aoki, Crookers, Sole, Ramadanman, Black Heart Procession, Lars Hornveth, Zu, Action Beat among others.

They’ve been recently invited to play at the 25th anniversary of the legendary “EUROSONIC” festival in Holland and have been one of the few bands selected to appear in the festival’s official compilation.

“Black Rainbow” is their third release. Mastered by Matt Colton at AIR studios, London, it’s both innovative in its sound and musical approach. Aucan unify a live rock band attitude with the most innovative electronic production sound, making both their record and their live set something unique.

Ranging from modern dubstep and jarring broken riffs to desolate ambient landscapes, this is a record that guides the listener into a multifaceted sound experience. Digital processed vocals enunciate intense melodies over the tracks, using dark, psychedelic harmonies as well as rap influenced styles.


Black Rainbow Remixes
Tannen Records(2012)
Black Rainbow
La Tempesta International(2011)