Andy Stott
uk | Label: Modern Love label

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Andy Stott is a Manchester-based DJ/producer who’s known for making high-quality dub techno.  During the latter part of  the 2000’s, his music transitioned from dub techno to releasing a singular and more adventurous strain with an approach that favoured leaden tempos and unsettling, sample-based textures. From 2005 through 2011, Stott recorded exclusively for his hometown’s Modern Love label, where he quickly became a key member of the roster alongside fellow travelers Claro Intelecto and Demdike Stare. He released a dozen singles and EPs, along with an album Merciless in 2006 and a 2008 compilation Unknown Exception. The producer made a significant creative advance in 2011 with a pair of creep-outs, Passed Me By and We Stay Together, that were combined and expanded for CD release by the end of the year. Stott has also recorded some exceptional breakbeat-oriented dubstep as Andrea for Daphne, a Modern Love sublabel.



Passed Me By
Modern Love(2011)
We Stay Together
Modern Love(2011)
Unknown Exception
Modern Love(2008)
Modern Love(2006)