An Pierle
be | Label: PIAS
The Netherlands (Promotor) Dieter Craeye

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In 1996, An Pierlé , freshly out of music & drama school, draws attention to herself in a rock contest with her remarkable & surprisingly haunting cover version of Tubeway Army’s “Are Friends Electric”.
The fact that’s she’s playing piano while being seated on a giant transparent ball only adds to the effect.

Since then, she’s proven herself to be one of the rare lasting breed of artists, unafraid to renew herself all while staying true to her very personal style.

After the critically acclaimed and certified gold solo debut album “Mud Stories”, she decided to venture further with her band “White Velvet”. An and her partner in crime Koen Gisen (producer, guitarist, co-writer and lover) released the albums “Helium Sunset”, “Live Jet Set with Orchestra”, “An Pierlé & White Velvet” and “Hinterland”. Much praise and a solid live reputation brought them to France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and even South Africa.

The pair of them have also been making music for films (Eldorado de Bouli Lanners, Lilet Never Happened by Jacco Groen ) and An got appointed as “Official Composer of the City Of Ghent”. A title she considers a perfect excuse to write carillon tunes, perform with a church organ and do all kinds of projects with the youngsters of the Royal Conservatory.

In 2012 An wanted to see what she would make on her own. With just her voice and the piano she released not 1 but 2 solo piano albums. The critically acclaimed “Strange Days” got released early 2013 followed by the album “Strange Ways” in September.
Again two daring cover versions appear on the albums. Talk Talk’s “Such a Shame” and Purcell’s “The Cold Song” are hauntingly beautiful, but the true highlights of the albums are her own unique songs.

2015 will prove an exceptional year for An, together with filmmaker Nathalie Teirlinck and jazzpianistprodigy Fulco Ottervanger, she makes music for the “Music Theatre Now ” award winning “Slumberland” , a filmic –musical theatre performance for children, of which a cd ensues.

And the oscarshortlisted Jaco Van Dormaelfilm “Le Tout Nouveau Testament” sees her writing her first entire feature film soundtrack, for which she receives the “Magritte du cinema” for “Best original soundtrack”.

On September 2, 2016, her new album “Arches”,,a song cycle for church organ, 3 voices, electric guitar & percussion.

An Pierlé is an artist who’s difficult to categorize, although her voice and imaginative piano play and songwriting evoke the likes of Kate Bush, Mark Hollis, Robert Wyatt, Sioiuxsie Sioux, The Doors, Serge Gainsbourg and Roxy Music.

She never imitates.
She’s a clever little thief.
And if she steals from men they won’t notice it anyway.



Strange Days
An Pierlé & the White Velvet
Helium Sunset
Mud Story