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A Hawk And A Hacksaw is a band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band mainly consists of percussionist Jeremy Barnes (formerly of Neutral Milk Hotel) and violinist Heather Trost (formerly of Foma). The music is mostly instrumental, usually centred around Jeremy’s accordion. There are occasional unintelligible vocals, shouts and cheers, although the album, The Way The Wind Blows, has more vocal pieces. When playing live, Jeremy plays many of the instruments himself simultaneously; strapping bells and drumsticks to his body enables him to play percussion while playing accordion. He has recently been accompanied by Heather Trost, who joined him on his recent tour with The Olivia Tremor Control.



You Have Already Gone to the Other World
L.M. Duplication(2013)
L.M. Duplication(2011)
The Leaf Label(2009)
The Way the Wind Blows
The Leaf Label(2006)
Darkness at Noon
The Leaf Label(2005)
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Cloud Recordings(2002)