The desert has a frequency, a sound you can hear in the wilds around. XIXA tunes in and warped it, in glittering, gritty psychedelic cumbia tracks on their debut album 'Bloodline' (Barbès Records/Glitterhouse Records), released February 2016. 

2019 will see the release of a new EP 'The Code' in January and their sophomore album, again released on Glitterhouse Records, in May. 


The band hails from the Tucson indie rock scene; core members Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan are integral part of Giant Sand's current incarnation, in the past produced, toured or recorded with the likes of William Sedlmayr, KT Tunstall and Calexico.

But XIXA wanders far and wide, into the psychedelia of Amazon backwaters, the bumping grind of chicha, quirky electronics, loud indie-rock and desert blues (Imarhan's and Tamashek rock legend Tinariwen's Sadam Iyad Imarhan collaborated with XIXA to write "World Goes Away".), surrounded by the obscure side of the American southwest.


At turns rough and raw, scintillating and ethereal, the band evokes the stark magic and eeriness of the desert, in tracks that sound effortless, despite disparate source materials. Bloodline was a departure from XIXA's first incarnation, as a chicha cover band inspired by vintage Peruvian tracks from the 70s featured on The Roots of Chicha, a compilation. On the new EP and second album they develop their unique desert noir sound even further. 




"impossible-to-categorise blend of Indie, Americana and Chicha... on paper that might sound like an unholy mess but in practice it's a potent blend indeed... superbly eclectic outfit" **** R2 Magazine


"This trippy music with devilish arrangements is made by gringo zombies lost in Mexico and produced with the help of muy fuerte peppers." Les Inrocks


"At its best, it's a haunting mesmerising stew - the sum, ultimately and rather impressively, outdistancing the parts" 8/10 Uncut


"XIXA brings cumbia music together with the amplified surge of hard rock and the more subtle technicolor of desert indie, and what a beautiful racket they make... For mine, the first brilliant effort for 2016. " 10/10 Soundblab.com


"an immersive listen and a rewarding experience" 4/5 Songwriting Magazine


"Psychedelia, Latin, Country, Rock, African Sounds, Desert Blues, Electronica - XIXA leave nothing out. The nice thing is: it works out great" 4.5/5 Musikexpress



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Selected Discography

Glitterhouse (2016)

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