Adriaan de Roover AKA Oaktree brings moody and enchanting electronic music, which finds a perfect balance between the dance floor and the living room. His productions represent touching harmonies, spherical soundscapes and minimalist beats.

Like no one else he can display the perfect soundtrack for the autumn; warm, touching electronica with an organic feel. Oaktree gets his inspiration from a broad spectrum of electronic music ranging from contemporary bass music and experimental hip hop to modern day classical music, and everything in between. Next to this, he loves to use the same organic approach, which resembles artists like Bon Iver and Bonobo.

When playing live, Oaktree deviates from the basic producer + laptop setup. On stage he combines live electronics with vocals and a broad spectrum of acoustic instruments like violin, harp and piano. The result is a breath-taking combo which leaves nobody untouched.

Adriaan de Roover (electronics)
Laura De Jongh (harp)
Silke Janssens (keys, vocals, ewi)
Hester Bolle (violin, electronics)
Willem Schonenberg (drums)


"For all his penchant towards frenetic techno, blistering, fragmented house music, there's always a space, a hollow out space to call your own.It's an introversion, a latent melancholy which seems to trickle through each note. Real name Adriaan de Roover, Oaktree intends to bridge the gap between the club and the bedroom, sound system and headphones." – Clash Music


"Opening track Abyss holds the middle ground between Shlohmo & Moderat, with Burial-esque vocals."A perfect rendez vous with the unexplored limits of your speakers." – RifRaf Magazine


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Selected Discography

Dust EP
[PIAS] Recordings Belgium (2016)
Amalgamation EP w/ Avondlicht
[PIAS] Recordings Belgium (2015)
Chapters EP
[PIAS] Recordings Belgium (2014)