The Mystery Lights

Daptone Records (home of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Charles Bradley, ...) is proud to present the debut 45 from a group of young fellas who are dominating the NOW sound in Rock 'n Roll!

That's right folks, Daptone Records, the world leader in today's soul music is now ready to take on the happenings of the modern rock scene and present to you, on their newest subsidiary, WICK Records; THE MYSTERY LIGHTS.

Daptone / Wick Records released The Mystery Lights' debut album June 2016.

Even though they may sound more like some lost outfit from the depths of mid-sixties Texas than a bunch of scruffy kids from the streets of 21st Century Brooklyn, The Mystery Lights combine relentless enthusiasm, and a knack for a hook into an all-action rock n roll combo for the here and now. Their first single pairs a ridiculously catchy neo-teenbeat number "Too Many Girls" (our protagonist surrounded by a feminine throng he can't control) with the snaking psych-blues of "Too Tough To Bear", featuring the band dragging their squalling guitars deep into swampland. Though it was recorded to 8-track tape at Daptone's legendary House of Soul by Daptone studio superstar Wayne Gordon and mixed by Bosco Mann, it was the cutting engineer JJ Golden who called it "the hottest record I ever cut."

"Combine the aesthetic of [New York]'s downtown dwellers (like The Velvet Underground) with a present-day urgency." - NPR's World Cafe

"There's a stoned, analog atmosphere hanging over everything, but there's a fire and toughness, too. [Mike] Brandon, like Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones before him, performs with a power and vigor that keeps him undeniable." - Pitchfork

"Captivating, (...) firmly rooted in the tradition of Sixties garage and gritty NYC punk." - Rolling Stone

"The Mystery Lights are as good as it gets, one of New York's finest garage rock bands at the moment." - NME

"Truly trippy throwbacks to a filthier, more hallucinatory era, (...) "Follow Me Home" comes straight out of that garage tradition, all Hammond organs and straightforward, declining riffs." - NOISEY

"The Mystery Lights have been making a name for themselves as one of NYC's best garage rock bands, and certainly as one of the best live shows." - Brooklyn Vegan 



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