In the silence of the night, Kevin Imbrechts awoke as Illuminine. Alone in his bedroom, surrounded by a guitar, a handful of style effects pedals, and toy synthesizers.

A mere two years after releasing '#1', his debut self-recorded album that he finished with Birgir Jon Birgisson (Sigur Ros, Violent Femmes, ...), and the side project 'Daghraven' (produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson), Kevin returns with the follow-up '#2' in 2017. Again recorded himself in Leuven, and finished at Sundlaugin with Birgisson.

The record expands the universe Imbrechts created on his debut, with a more dynamic and sometimes apocalyptical feel intertwined with rich guest vocals that he used to save for in-between releases. Like the acclaimed Record Store Day collaboration 'Armor' with lush vocals from I Will, I Swear's Fien Deman, or 'Melancholie', which enlisted Jan Swerts for a beautifully frail rework that caught the eyes and ears of Game of Thrones, Spotify UK and even some evening radio playlisters.

With '#2', Illuminine is clearly aiming to take these songs beyond Belgium, the Netherlands and Iceland, beyond the classic boundaries of the genre, and into the great, vast unknown.

One couldn't dream of a better soundtrack for that journey.

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