GeRoeZeMoeS will change its name to Hi Hawaii from June 10th 2018.


GeRoeZeMoes is the Brussels ExperimentalFizzPopExplosion-duo of musical wolverenes Jens Bouttery (drums, keys, vocals) & Lennart Heyndels (bass, keys, vocals). They both thrive on their multi-linguistic experience with free jazz, contemporary music, pop music, theatre & film music. Thus their habitat sits between catchy pop songs and weird borderless improvisations. Sing-along-able as hell, their lyrics refer to the absurdism, joy & sadness of everyday life.


'With the aura of a pinball machine, the duo flips between playfull funk and jazz, appealing melancholy and the determined willpower to put a smile on every face. Songs, disguised as absurd little pieces of art, driven by 2 scatterbrains creating order with melody & sound.' (Ewoud Vermote, Theater Aan Zee 2017)


Meaning of GeRoeZeMoeS, pronounced 'CHa-Roo-Za-Moo-Se':
It's the way we can act when we actually don't agree with something proposed. It's the restless whispering that we utter amongst our fellow neighbours that probably agree with us but we're not sure of that yet so we gently though urgently ask their opinion about the issue. It's the moment in which the matter did not receive it's socially accepted judgement yet but will soon be nodded at with agreement, refused with a canon choir-like "noowh" or burst out into the chaos of unsettled opinions possibly accompanied by ungentle body contact. It's the noise we don't hear filling up the space up until somebody asks us what that noise is. It's the idea we've thrown in the crowd to which nobody really reacted with enthusiasm but we've spent years thinking it was a great idea. It's the songs that persistently keep on disputing in the back of our minds, yearning for a way out.

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Selected Discography

Yours or Mine?
Geroezemoes (EP)

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