Echo Beatty

ECHO BEATTY is a pop noir band from Belgium, influenced by psychedelic folk and dark blues. They take you on a road trip from misty mountains to wide prairies and back with unearthly genuine songs that serves you goose bombs. Haunting at times, this is avantgarde, experimental pop deluxe. Repetitive drums and guitars, eerie melodies and vocals that cut to the bone.

New album "NONETHELESS" is a perfect mix of voodoo ballads, dark blues & psychedelic furs! Rambling souls they are... The past years they've toured throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic, astonishing people with their sound and shared the stage with Tindersticks, Amen Dunes and Trixie Whitley.

For their first album 'Tidal Motions', they moved to Canada. This time Echo Beatty spend 3 months in Berlin to work on material for the new album and then dove into the studios of Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels for three intensive weeks to record their new album 'NONETHELESS'. Now the duo becomes a three-piece band with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Louis Evrard joining them live on stage.

Galloping horses coming your way!!!

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