Echo Beatty

With her brainchild Echo Beatty, Annelies Van Dinter heralds a new chapter in which she explores new horizons musically and enters into several new collaborations.


The first one is an exploration into the world of strings for which she invited violin player/composer Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar) to compose string arrangements for a couple of new songs and some old material.
They will premiere the result to the audience at Boomtown Festival in Ghent on July the 19th.


This new chapter also means that after making two critically acclaimed albums 'Tidal Motions' (2013) and 'Nonetheless' (2016) and performing them live with multi-instrumentalist Jochem Baelus, they've separated their ways, proud of the road they've travelled together.

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Selected Discography

Waste My Records (2016)
Tidal Motions
Icarus Records (2013)