Condor Gruppe

CONDOR GRUPPE formed in 2012 around two friends living in Antwerp, Jan and Michiel. Looking for a way to express their shared love for obscure Italian 70's soundtracks, spaghetti westerns, surf-music, worldgrooves and krautrock, they teamed up with Krist Torfs, Kris Delacourt and Milan Warmoeskerken, three well talented musicians. Pretty soon they started to finetune the sound of Condor Gruppe by playing live in- and outside of Belgium, resulting in an in your face live reputation, one tape and three 7-inch recordings, all sold out in no time. After these releases, the band was eager to further explore their musical horizons, and etch out musical ideas, which would become forerunners to their first full length album.

The first full length album, called LATITUDS DEL CAVALL, was released as an LP and a CD on Condor Men Records, the band's own label. The record contains 9 exotica fueled songs which echoe the sound of an intoxicated ride through the desert, an oriental excursion by night and a fuzzy spaced out guitar, all of these elements backed by a solid and groovy rhythm section, keeping you headnodding and stomping on hot, sweaty nights. Latituds Del Cavall is a trip through music history and the band's own dusty record shelves. Condor Gruppe have shown with their debut album to walk an adventurous path and the band is always keen on pushing their musical boundaries. This time they started digged into the beautifull work of the cult artist Moondog. His enchanting melodies and mesmerizing rhytms were the ideal challenge for Condor Gruppe. They added trumpet player Dirk Timmermans and saxophone player Matti Willems to the line-up, and recorded six interpretations of Moondog songs. Again released on Condor Men Records, the album, "Frog Bog – A Tribute To Moondog" is an amazing mix between his jazzy compositions and Condor Gruppe's exotic instrumental sound, while staying true to the genius of Moondog's songs and ideas.

Live, the band is backed by amazing visuals which immerse you in a fairy-like, mystique and filmic Moondog world. "Just like a little child pulling his balloon back to earth while walking around exploring", that is Condor Gruppe music...

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